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6 Ways Payment Orchestration Platforms Help Businesses

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Growing and scaling a global business is a daunting task. It can get really difficult to keep up with customer demands, the advancement of technology, economic progression in diverse geographic locations with varying customer demands, economics, regulations and risks.

What many companies and merchants overlook is the difficulties of launching and managing a multinational and diverse payment infrastructure.

According to Zed Founder and entrepreneur Alan Safahi, these businesses tend to simply improvise and create an ad hoc payment system without long-term planning because it is not a fundamental part of a business’s core competence. In time, however, these businesses discover that a comprehensive payment orchestration process is required to successfully manage the operations and sustenance in the market. 

The process is complex, and that’s why you require payment orchestration platforms to connect with banks and other payment services. The payment orchestration providers work hand in hand with new or established businesses in making a successful transaction flow. They now offer several payment tools that innovative and easy to use. These tools are taking off huge burdens of payment challenges from a merchant, freeing them from pains. In a nutshell, a payment setup has become more accessible for businesses and merchants. Let’s dive in deeper to understand the benefits of a payment orchestration platform.

It’s cost-efficient

If you have been in business for a while now, you may know that developing an in-house payment platform comes with a price. Many large brands invest a substantial sum of money in an in-house payment processing engine. While the investment is fruitful, not everyone is expected to handle that kind of expenditure. For building an in-house payment platform, you need to include aspects like implementing payment routing, providing customer services, minimizing costs that come with transactions, handling security concerns, monitoring, and reporting. All these can not only cost a fortune but demands human resources as well. Hence working with a payment orchestration platform (POP) allows a business to cut the expense required to build a payment setup and transactional costs. POP also reduces the operational and maintenance cost as it will enable effortless management for payment institutions from one place.

Collaborating with the payment market and institutions

The management of the payment market requires forging connections with various institutional operation components. For a smooth unification of the process, payment orchestration platforms help by acting as a technology layer with payment connections and infrastructures. The payment setup provides the ability to test various payment methods while simplifying the value chain.

Lets merchants take lesser payment stress

The payment platforms grant merchants the accessibility to developing their business without integrating payment infrastructure management. This helps you make strategies regarding your business prospect leaving all the complex payment processing action to the payment orchestration platforms. A POP manages payments and ensures all the technologies and tools are available to your business when you need them. POP will also help merchants improve their business and introduce new approaches and plans to execute an even more successful business.

Offers optimized payment system

Your business’ payment system needs to be optimized to achieve successful transactions. The POP helps you attain a strong payment route by offering a visually addictive checkout page, intuitive layouts, smooth customer experience, adaptability of payment systems for customers, and many more innovative features. Their payment routing allows flexible transactional flow using the best path for different regions. This ensures higher payment acceptance rates at a reasonable charge. POP doesn’t only enable transactional benefits but also offers reduced operational efforts, flexibility in payment methods, and easy access to modernized technologies for merchants’ convenience.

Allows a one-time integration environment

Even though many business giants integrate fast market entry to make their eCommerce platform a success, novel businesses and merchants struggle with incorporating local payment methods into their payment processes. POP thus allows a one-time integration environment for initial testing of the methods and providers before going live in a region. POPs also help to form connections across the world for business expansion by strategizing and weighing out differences.

Ensures uncomplicated customer experience

Ensures uncomplicated customer experience - ZED Network

No matter how successful your business is or how many products you have in your inventories, what matters is how well your customer can relate to you. According to Alan, to increase your business’ relativity, you need to offer “the best” experience for your customer. And you do that by delivering fast and secure payment processing to your clients. A POP thus extends out a hassle-free payment approach by limiting the checkout steps, supplying a secure payment page, allowing tokenization capabilities for shoppers, and ensuring multi-fold fraud protections

Final thoughts

When considering taking your business to the next level, a payment orchestration platform imposes many advantages. These advantages establish a successful transactional route for local and global customers and help to deduct high costs in the future that might affect the business.

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