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ZED is a payment orchestration layer that helps clients integrate with multiple payment partners, gateways and networks to easily accept payments or make payouts.

We have integrated with leading domestic and international payment partners, enabling clients to access these partners with multiple payment acceptance/collection options in 30+ countries and payout/disbursement options in 200+ countries and 150+ currencies, using a single API.

In addition to local and wire bank transfers, we also provide credit card processing, cash payment as well as card top-ups, mobile wallet loads and cash pickup.

Our payment partners are generally banks, licensed Money Transfer Operators, payment processors and Foreign Exchange Processors with competitive FX rates to pass along to our clients.

ZED provides a bridge for “data flow” between Clients and these payment partners but does not get involved in the “funds flow” and thus does we do not pose any risks to Clients for payment delays to recipients or financial losses.

We collect all required due diligence documents, submit them to selected payment partners and help you negotiate and sign agreements directly with these partners.  

We do not not mark up the fees from our payment partners and only charge a flat monthly fee on a SaaS model for all of our services for unlimited transactions.  

There are no administration fees nor minimum volume commitment requirements by most of our payment partners, so clients can sign up with multiple processors in order to receive the most competitive pricing in addition to operational redundancy.domestic 


Payments is a complex and global business. It’s nuanced by geography, industry, and regulation, and is highly subject to the volatility of the micro and macro political climates. Accordingly, there are many challenges that companies face in building the payments muscle. 

We’ve grouped them into a few major themes here:



Friction at startup

Unfamiliar industry with a steep learning curve

An explosion of providers that are intertwined and interconnected

Opaque and sometimes shady pricing practices 

Incredibly high switching cost down the line

High implementation effort

Some payment methods (cards via Stripe) are easy to get started, but others (bank transfer via banks) are frustratingly difficult 

As a business grows and expands, so to does its need to offer multiple payment methods in a localized fashion 

This platform becomes increasingly costly and sophisticated

Maintaining this platform dominates innovation; suddenly a home sharing startup is spending 2 years rearchitecting its payments platform

These integrations are fragile and require constant maintenance 

Significant operational overhead

Regulatory changes and law enforcement response

Constant outages, double charge, underpayments, stuck payments all require investigation and remediation 

Poor quality and inconsistent data delivery affects the company’s ability to accurately close its books

Neverending optimization and innovation

The space is ever evolving: network tokens, PSD2, GDPR.  Keeping up requires a team of experts. 

At scale, some of the biggest revenue wins and cost savings are payments opportunities

Chaining, retry logic, automatic failover, smart routing. To make payments work you need to build entire suites of software.

Wide variety of payment methods require new expertise and development.  Cards in the US are vastly different than cards in India.  Not to mention direct carrier billing, wallets, cash, and the like.


ZED offers an embedded payments orchestration layer. We’re not a gateway, acquirer, PSP, bank, or anything of the sort. Our business is a company’s payments business. We provide an abstraction layer that affords the company the advantages of a full service in-house payments team, at a fraction of the cost and investment. Moreover, in implementing ZED a company can focus its efforts on growing its business. 

Whether you elect to utilize ZED for your payment acceptance/collections or mass payouts/disbursements, we provide a comprehensive, turnkey end-to-end solution that is so much more than just payments.


We integrate to every flavor of card acquirer, payment gateway, payment service provider, alternative payment method.  The payment methods that we cover include:

  • Credit and debit cards (cross-border and local acquiring) 

  • Mobile Wallets

  • Direct mobile carrier billing (prepaid and postpaid) 

  • Direct debits 

  • Bill pay 

  • Cash at retail and on delivery 

  • Buy now, pay later

  • Installment loans at Point of Sale


From day one, ZED clients receive the benefits that only the largest merchants in the world can realize today.

  • Intelligent transaction routing for higher approval rates and lower costs

  • Optimized user experience to increase conversion

  • Automatic transaction chaining to capture more successful volume 

  • Packaged messaging that allows for business model adaptation to the different forms of payment experience (e.g. top up notifications for prepaid payment methods on recurring business models)

Economies of scale

Turn providers on/off inside the ZED dashboard.  Route traffic with a simple configuration change. Get leverage to negotiate the best rates from Day one.  ZED doesn’t make money off the payments. 

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