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Best Global Payment Gateways That You Need To Know About

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

When building an e-commerce platform, you think about the design, the user experience, you think about SEO optimization. However, all that specialization goes to waste when the customer has a hard time paying for the product or service.

If your target customers have a bad payment experience, then they won’t come back to your website a second time. That’s where payment gateways come in.

You need to integrate global payment gateways on your website to ensure the best possible user experience. We here at Zed Network work with e-commerce businesses providing quality payment gateway solutions to ensure sustainable growth.

Zed Founder and entrepreneur Alan Safahi have over 30 years of experience and has built a team that is not only experienced but one that prioritizes innovation. Due to our experience working with payment gateways we have gathered quite a lot of information on which systems work the best. But do you know what to look for when choosing a payment gateway? Well. here are some criteria you should be looking at:

  1. Best payment gateways will have integrated 3D secure and comply with the PCI Data Security Standard.

  2. You need to look for payment gateways that have a reasonable timeframe for payouts. The average gateways have a weekly or bi-weekly payout timeframe.

  3. Payment gateways should be easy to integrate into your website, and the best payment gateway providers will provide impeccable customer support as well.

  4. You are looking for international support from your payment gateways. The best ones always have multi-currency payment support.

So now that you know what the criteria for the best are we thought we would share our insights with you on which global payment gateway service providers are the best.

We created a comprehensive list of the best global payment gateway providers in the market. So without any delay, let’s get into it!


Since its conception in 2001, Skrill has slowly climbed up the ranks as one of the best global payment gateways in the market.

Skrill - ZED Network

It’s a company that understands the demands of modern business and rises to the occasion to meet them. With the company’s innovative solutions and unique approach, plenty of well-known businesses work with Skrill.

Because of Skrill’s achievements, they have racked up quite a lot of awards. The company has awards like the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award, B2B EGP Award, and several others making them one of the best global payment gateways based out of the UK.

With 30 or more currency support already they are one of the best options any business can choose.

What Makes Skrill One Of The Best Global Payment Gateways

  1. Email transactions

  2. Quick access

  3. One place data

  4. Free account

  5. Supports 30 currencies

  6. Credit card transactions


Stripe is a new breed of payment gateway service platform. It’s a cloud-based system that accepts online transactions from anywhere in the world.

Stripe - ZED Network

It offers one of the complete payment gateway solutions in the market with a UI toolkit, embeddable checkout, consolidated reports, and plenty more.

This payment gateway offers robust solutions mean that your business has uninterrupted revenue while ensuring world-class security measures to protect your and your business from frauds. It has an open API that will fit into any digital business infrastructure without hassle.

What Makes Stripe One Of The Best Global Payment Gateways

  1. Mobile customer interface

  2. Multi-currency payouts

  3. Clean canvas

  4. Collaboration notes

  5. Payment options

  6. Embeddable checkout

  7. Authorization

  8. Custom UI toolkit

  1. Dispute handling

  2. Open-source plugin

  3. Consolidated reports

  4. Accounting integrations

  5. Unified payout

  6. Financial reporting

  7. Roles and permissions


With eight different payment methods, fifteen languages, and eighty-seven different currencies, 2Checkout is genuinely one of the best global payment gateway platforms out there.

2Checkout - ZED Network

It allows businesses to accept payment from customers all over the world. The payment gateway is designed with features that ensure a streamlined payment process that makes life easier for the merchant and the customer.

2Checkout has been garnering praise and is getting more and more popular day by day, and now it has more than 50,000 merchants using the global payment gateway from different corners of the world.

What Makes 2Checkout One Of The Best Global Payment Gateways

  1. Level 1 PCI data security standard

  2. Multiple payment options

  3. Recurring billing

  4. Customized checkout options

  5. Integration with more than a hundred online carts and systems

  6. Create customized subscription plans

  7. Support – eighty-seven currencies

  8. Support – fifteen languages

  9. Account updater


Authorize.net has been providing vital infrastructure and top-class security for businesses all over the world, helping businesses install a seamless payment solution.

Authorize - ZED Network

It works without software installation, meaning it’s not that hard to set up for any business.

Because of this, Authorize.net has become one of the most popular global payment options with more than 370,000 businesses opting for its services. Creating a streamlined payment process that allows businesses to scale up quickly is what made them so famous on a global scale.

As a fully integrated electronic check payment system, authorize.net accepts payment through the websites or its virtual terminal, ensuring ease of payment.

What Makes Authorize.Net One Of The Best Global Payment Gateways

  1. E-check processing

  2. Retail payment

  3. Virtual terminal and batch upload

  4. Mail/phone payment

  5. Recurring billing

  6. Customer information manager

  7. Sync for QuickBooks

  8. Advanced fraud detection Suite


Payza is a versatile global payment gateway that offers customized payment options for everyone. Whether you need a personal account or need business solutions, Payza is there for you without a hitch.

Payza - ZED Network

Because Payza works with merchants and customers who need personal payment solutions, it has quickly established itself as a popular choice in the global market.

You can find Payza in one hundred and ninety countries and supports twenty-two different currencies. According to Alan, Payza has been bridging the gap between merchants and customers worldwide allowing a streamlined transaction process that ensures a sustainable growth. So make sure you check them out.

What Makes Payza One Of The Best Global Payment Gateways

  1. Centralized management

  2. Supports 22 currencies

  3. Request funds

  4. Operates in one hundred ninety countries

  5. Local payment options

  6. Add funds and withdraw.

  7. Secure online payments

  8. Payment buttons

  9. Shopping cart Integration


SecurionPay has become one of the best global payment gateways in the world because it offers secure online and mobile payment solutions in multiple operating systems.

SecurionPay - ZED Network

From Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, to iOS, SecurionPay supports all major operating systems. SecurionPay is a one-stop solution for any company that needs online payments and offer paid subscriptions.

Things like embedded payment forms, advanced checkout feature help businesses with easing the payment process that results in higher conversion rates.

SecurionPay offers a versatile API that fits in with any online business ecosystem and allows you to control every aspect of the transaction process.

What Makes SecurionPay One Of The Best Global Payment Gateways

  1. PCI level 1 and tokenization

  2. One-Click payments

  3. Custom form

  4. Delayed capture

  5. Subscription plan manager

  6. Customer manager

  7. Non-invasive 3D Secure

  8. Trials and discounts

  9. Minimize chargeback ratio

  1. Anti-fraud tools

  2. Usage/Seat-based subscriptions

  3. Blacklisting

  4. Retry logic

  5. Billing models

  6. Quick-Buy for eCommerce

  7. Payouts to customers – OCT

  8. Cross-sales


BlueSnap has become a popular name in the global payment gateway sector. It allows for easy integration and ensures that businesses can scale up seamlessly.

BlueSnap - ZED Network

BlueSnap makes the transaction process more comfortable by allowing businesses to accept international payments without complicating the process.

One of the reasons why BlueSnap is considered one of the best global payment gateways is because it has a network of thirty-plus acquiring banks and collaborates with them on a global scale.

BlueSnap is genuinely an international payment gateway provider as it operates in one hundred and eighty different countries with one hundred and ten different payment types, one hundred currencies, and twenty-nine different languages.

It offers top of the line payment security to ensure a reliable fraud prevention system that minimizes risks ensuring customer’s trust.

What Makes BlueSnap One Of The Best Global Payment Gateways

  1. Intelligent payment routing

  2. Marketplace payments

  3. Subscriptions

  4. Multi-currency reporting

  5. Hosted solutions

  6. Hosted fields

  7. 3-D Secure and PSD2 compliance

  8. Integrated payments

  9. Invoice payments

  10. Cross-channel payments

  11. 30+ global acquiring bank connections

  12. Embedded checkout

  1. Easy data migration

  2. Multi-currency payouts

  3. Secure acceptance web/mobile

  4. Payment API

  5. Managed risk services

  6. Virtual terminal

  7. Payment tokenization

  8. Consolidated reports & analytics

  9. Mobile apps & SDKs

  10. Direct debit and bank transfers

  11. Payment optimization

  12. 3rd-Party payment plugins

Braintree (A Paypal Service)

Braintree is a global payment gateway that is part of the Paypal network. Not only does it make the transaction process easier for customers and businesses, but it also sets businesses up to scale up on a global scale.

Braintree - ZED Network

Braintree has a host of different features that ensure your revenue stream remains unaffected by ensuring a streamlined payment process for everyone, including global customers.

The payment gateway operates in forty different countries by providing secure transaction facilities on one hundred and thirty different currencies with their UI that supports multiple cards or even PayPal transactions.

What Makes Braintree One Of The Best Global Payment Gateways

  1. Drop-in UI

  2. Supports 130 currencies

  3. 24*7 support

  4. Customized checkout workflow

  5. 2-day payout

  6. Dynamic control panel

  1. Braintree value

  2. Easy data migration

  3. Guaranteed uptime

  4. Advanced fraud protection

  5. Easy repeat billing

  6. Encryption

Amazon Pay

For businesses that work with Amazon, there is a new global payment system tailor-made for Amazon merchants and shoppers.

Amazon Pay - ZED Network

It is fast becoming one of the best payment gateway service providers out there because it makes the transaction process easy, fast, and secure.

As of now, Amazon Pay can be used in eighteen different countries with two different packages on offer. One is “login and pay” for shoppers and pay with Amazon for merchants.

The payment gateway is loaded with great features and tools that not only make the payment process more comfortable but also increases your overall customer engagement numbers.

What Makes Amazon Pay One Of The Best Global Payment Gateways

  1. Automatic payments

  2. Merchant website integration

  3. Inline checkout

  4. Customer identity

  5. Fraud protection


PayPal is the OG of payment gateways. There is no question that it is one of the best global payment gateways out there if not the best one out there.

PayPal - ZED Network

It’s considered one of the best because you can send or receive payments across the globe with just your email. PayPal is truly a global payment gateway with it operating in more than two hundred and three different countries.

Now, one of the reasons why every business owner knows and often tries to use PayPal is because it accepts all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Citibank, American Express, ETC.

What Makes PayPal One Of The Best Global Payment Gateways

  1. PCI compliance

  2. Inventory tracking

  3. Shopping cart

  4. Virtual terminal

  5. Credit card reader

  1. Express checkout

  2. Mobile card reader

  3. Barcode scanning

  4. Online invoicing

  5. Bill me later

Find The Right Payment Gateway For Your Business

So there you go, these are our choices for the best global payment gateways out there. Now, you may think that some here are obvious choices, but in our experience, we have found that they offer the best support.

Our list has been made with the help of in-depth market research, and according to the numbers and user feedback, we found these are the ones that work the best. However, these are not the only good payment gateways out there.

Conduct your research and see if you can find the right fit for your business. If you know, any global payment gateway that should go on our list of the best then let us know in the comments below but make sure you cover all the basics before selecting one.

Well, that’s about it from us. We will come with something new about international payment gateway providers soon. Until then, see ya!

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