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Business Drivers For Payment Orchestration: To Build or To Outsource

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Every business relies on payments; without it, they won’t survive. And all businesses share the purpose of growing and expanding. Hence, your payment strategy must support your business goals and targets. Companies, marketplaces, and digital merchants use multiple payment orchestration platforms to achieve their goals.

So, what is payment orchestration? Simply put, payment orchestration involves choosing the best route for a payment from the checkout to the bank while increasing the payment conversion to expand more money for the business. Payment orchestration offers a secured layer and lets you analyze and optimize the payments that are done digitally.

How payment orchestration drivers help businesses

For your online-based businesses, you require digital payments. Digital payment is the main driver for your revenue generation, and therefore it is essential to build a payment strategy that matches your business plans and design. According to Zed Founder and entrepreneur Alan, the world’s most significant and rapidly-growing companies, businesses, and corps all orchestrate their payment services. You can even outsource payment systems nowadays. We will talk about both building and outsourcing in the latter part of this article. For now, let’s focus on how payment orchestration drivers help your business.

Enabling the digital payment procedure

The moment you make the decision to enable the digital payment process, you have already taken your business to the next level. As you already may know, you need to do business in multiple markets and grounds to make your enterprise grow. By introducing a digital payment system to your business, you are making it easier for your customers. This also lets you accept payments in additional countries by giving them transaction accesses. Once you have labeled your needs and goals, you can use payment orchestration platforms for serving those purposes. The platforms allow you to enable digital transactions, securely store payment details, etc. This establishes a new way of connecting with your consumers and allows them to transact online.


To maximize the ROI of each transaction, orchestration helps immensely. As the success rates, transaction costs, and latency times can vary depending on the countries, the service, and the transaction type, merchants can find these a little complicated. Orchestration thus optimizes the digital payments by connecting and routing the transactions to the right platform to support your payment strategy. The tools provided with the orchestration platforms analyze transactions to improve the ROI.

Data analysis

The transaction route and information develop a successful payment strategy. You need info on the payment’s performance and analyze your competitors. According to Alan, your technical team needs to gain access to every tool based on their demands to analyze and strategize. Thus, payment orchestration gives you tools and reports on every process and lets the success rates, costs, and aspects of the business continuously optimize the strategy for payments and grow your income.

Building or outsourcing?

So, now that you know how business drivers for payment orchestration helps your business, it’s time to address the most important question – should you build or outsource the platform? While many enterprises address payment solutions as “complex,” they can be powerful tools that serve a significant purpose of upgrading a business. The complication comes from the increased choice, and the niche financial institutions are competing for a customer’s business. A financial institution should not overlook the benefits the payment system offers. Let’s take a look at what you should consider: to build or to outsource.

Building or outsourcing - ZED Network


The utmost reason for building a payment orchestration platform is the flexibility and control it has. A payment system can efficiently be adapted with the advancement of the company’s strategy and market requirements if designed and executed correctly. Building a system require lesser investment and hence will be a great choice for small businesses or startup.

However, building a system from scratch can be bothersome and time-consuming. You have to reinvent the entire payment process, add regulatory orders, spend hours trying to establish and monitoring the system. Although the cost is significantly low, you still have to pay a good amount of money for the building process. The secondary thing to do is to analyze the in-house requirements and resources and do the implementation. Businesses need to imply a fail-proof strategy so that it doesn’t upset the arrangement. For that, intense brainwork needs to be done.


Okay, so outsourcing is another in the way of building a payment orchestration platform. This allows merchants to focalize their business by outsourcing non-core areas. As a result, the operational expenses tank, and therefore you don’t need to spend extra bucks on building infrastructure.

With that said, a company is likely to have less control over the business if the managed service route is implied. The processor will be taking the lead in the customer relationship department, and thus it can interfere with the quality of service. If you are starting up a business, you may not be able to take full control to make changes or establish new features. You may still be able to customize the elements in a multi-tenanted system, but according to what the processor allows.

Final thoughts

The payment industry is ever-changing; hence investing time in business is much more efficient and manageable. You will also have total gain over the service quality. However, building a solution is a time-consuming task. Outsourcing is a hassle-free way of putting all business features and output together; however, you won’t like how the processor handles things. There is no black and white to this; you need to address your objectives before opting for any systems. Think, plan, and act will be the perfect strategy while choosing your option.

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